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    Sunday, September 21st, 2014
    6:53 pm
    Hey hit me up tonight whether by kik or text. I'm 15 dude who is just looking for some nice friends preferably guys around the age of 20. Thanks and I'll be up most of the night
    Saturday, September 20th, 2014
    1:21 pm
    sorry :(
    9282781404 my bad
    1:16 pm
    hey people
    Hey I'm very bored I need someone to text
    10:48 am
    Recently single and in search of new friends.
    Hello, hello.

    I just recently got out of a relationship and could use some uplifting and humorous conversation. How about it?

    I am male and 26. Take that into consideration, please. Also I will not respond to text speak. We all have our preferences and that is one of mine. Deal?

    I'm cool with dudes, but please don't text me. I want a female companion and by that I mean female! No penises. Period!

    Be fun! Be adventurous. Have something to say. Challenge my intellect! No sexting! Subtle inappropriate comments distilled with humor and wit are okay!

    The sky is the limit.

    One last thing. I prefer slender/athletic/fit friends as I take pride in taking care of my physique.

    Chat me up! 404ninefourzero9363
    3:16 am
    Hey hey hey
    Hey my name is Jared and I'm a 24 year old guy from Wisconsin I'm looking for new texting buddies and maybe establish friendships. My number is 9206092085 and I look forward to hearing from you. My profile pic is really old so just ask for a new one.
    Friday, September 19th, 2014
    9:29 pm
    I'm bored.
    So, text me? Or Kik me? Or don't... Either is cool.
    Although I like the first two.

    I'm a girl. Problem? Don't hmu..
    I'm black and Mexican Indian. Problem? Don't hmu..
    I'm 18. Problem? Come on you know what's next... Don't hmu!
    If your heart is set on showing me your awkwardly shaped penis and/or vagina. Thanks, but no thanks. Uh yea. I think that's all. Other than like.. Age I don't care how old you are just don't be creepy old, or like creepy young..
    K. I'm done.
    Kik: yeaimpimpin
    Text: 9196717256
    6:37 pm
    Hi again
    Okay. Let me clear some things up. CLEAN means CLEAN not try to sext me and rage when you fail, or pretend to be a girl just to talk to me. -.- other than that peeps are more than welcome to message me Kik: SkylaEdmonds I would prefer other females German or Norwegian people but I'll talk to non creeper. Bye again :3
    7:55 am
    Hey my name is Jared I'm a 24 year old guy from Wisconsin and I am looking for new texting buddies and maybe start a relationship. My number is 9206092085 and my profile pic is really old so just ask for a new updated one. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thursday, September 18th, 2014
    7:42 pm
    Hi my name is michael. I am 18 and Im going to college. I want to meet new friends or maybe more if it comes to that. My number is 4809398879 and girls only. Must be able to send photo and also girls 16 and up:)
    Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
    3:49 pm
    Hey there
    Hey, I'm Austin and I'm 17. I'm pretty bored lately so I'm just looking for new people to be meet and talk to. I'm a pretty outgoing guy in general and love music and the outdoors. So feel free to text me at 16072442644 or Kik me at afriot97.
    9:28 am
    Hey all of people
    Hey people text me at 9282781404 my kik is junior3544 & im a male male male ok if ur a girl call me if ur a guy or girl text me :) im 18
    Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
    1:48 pm
    Hi everyone :D
    Hi everyone. First off I have a major rule KEEP IT CLEAN, please don't message me with a second grade grammar. I'm bi but I'm looking for another norsk (Norwegian friend) or German. Or anyone nice and friendly. I'm 19 (and female clearly) just tell me how you're day is going :3

    Kik: SkylaEdmonds

    Lots of love :D
    4:21 am
    Hey hey hey
    Hey my name is Jared I'm a 24 year old guy from Wisconsin and I am looking for new texting buddies and maybe start a relationship. My number is 9206092085 and my profile pic is really old so just ask for a new updated one. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Monday, September 15th, 2014
    10:11 pm
    Hi Everyone!
    Hi there! Before I get into my info and what I am looking for, first let me cover what I don't want and my dislikes.

    Alright, now lets get to the good stuff. My name is Kendall but I am commonly referred to as Kat. I am a GIRL. GIRL. GIRL. Also, I am 16 years old. A junior in homeschooled high school. I work a part time job at a fast food place. I am a USA born and raised. I love rock music. I am into the furry fandom. My fursona is an artic fox. I hate pizza, fried chicken and tomato sauce. I can't stand boring people. I'm very silly yet serious when I need to be. Anything else just ask.

    Please do not message me if you can not spell and/or punctuate your sentences correctly. Do not text me a simply 'Hey.' or anything. You're first message should be intriguing and captivating to the mind.

    Kik: AllTheButterflies
    Cell #: six.six.two.two.nine.two.five.five.five.eight.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    6:21 pm
    Hi I'm Mitchell and I'm 20..if u wanna know something about me it's basically me being a huge gamer, a great sketch artist, and a awesome poet..if you're interested in any of those things be it sharing ur ps3 ID so u can play with me, requesting an art photo tha u can use as ur wallpaper lol, or a desire for a poem just ask me..but of course those r my qualities not my personalities..those would be that I'm funny, smart, and sensitive..anyways I'm looking for girls to sext with and bros to chat number's 909 942 9593
    7:53 pm
    Chilling tonight. bored, I'll be at work til close. 214two1two4381
    keep me entertained.
    5:55 pm
    bohemian guy wanting texting buddies
    hey! I'm Jonathan, 28 years old, I'd love to have texting buddies.......preferably female. I have pics of me at: . Text me at: 304-906-7299. peace & love.

    Current Mood: artistic
    Sunday, September 14th, 2014
    8:49 pm
    Anyone want a boyfriend or someone they can call?
    The title says it all. Single sucks and I'm looking for a girlfriend not a boyfriend IM A MALE AND STRAIGHT. My other posts says about me and I like to have a legit literate conversation if you can't do that don't contact me if you can text me 972-478-1598
    2:03 pm
    Ethan Won
    Who wants to chat
    Saturday, September 13th, 2014
    9:11 am
    Sooo bored
    somebody, anybody text me !!! 4104126393 I've never been this bored in my life 
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