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    Saturday, January 24th, 2015
    6:18 pm
    text ?
    Hey I'm Juwan looking to text "girls" only I'm 18 so looking for around my age my number is 469-2031288. Be Real
    1:21 am
    need new friends
    My name is Mark, I'm from south Carolina, I'm 24 years old. I'm searching for new friends, male or female, preferably female. It doesn't have to be sexting. Unless you want. I am bi. I was in the army fir a while, been around the world. I'm mainly looking for just friends to talk about anything and everything. I can hold a good conversation. This phone won't let me post a pic for some reason. I'm 6 ft, 165lbs, short Brown hair, hazel eyes, decent shape. So guys and girls. Hmu. 843 910 2843
    Friday, January 23rd, 2015
    10:10 am
    Hi guys, im patrick, im from georgia, usa, im 18, im looking for just friends because i have a girl friend that loves me and cares for me, and shes so sweet and kind. I guess im lonely because i dont have many friends. my mom likes to control my life and keeps sending me to the garage to sleep in it. I guess im scared because i dont have many people to talk to.

    Im tall, 5'11, i have hazel eyes, brown/blonde hair, im kinda built, kinda skinny, i work on a farm and paint houses, and i volunteer at a fire station, im homeschooled, and my birthday is on halloween.

    hope to hear from you, heres my number 678-392-7353

    Current Mood: lonely
    8:22 am
    Any girls here?
    Any girls here that wanna keep me company?
    Im a funny down to earth guy that knows how to treat a girl!
    Hit me up if your interested
    Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
    1:57 pm
    Text me 5639290256. 18 and up

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    11:43 am
    I'm bored. Females 18+ text me 5639290256.

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    Monday, January 19th, 2015
    10:06 pm
    The boredom struck me pretty hard..
    Hey, my name is woody
    You can make a joke out of that if you would like haha
    Anyways, I'm so bored right now
    I'm a guy looking for friends... Maybe even close friends
    Girls or Guys it doesn't matter tho in straight
    But my # is 470-213-9705 so text me now or in the morning.
    8:49 pm
    I'm Lookin' To Meet New Women..Kik or Text Me?
    Today happens to be my birthday. Ugh I'm gettin old lol (28)..if any of u ladies (18+) want to hit me up then be my guest. I'm a chill, tall, dark, laid back guy and a pretty good listener. Can chat about whatever. U can text me @ 562-553-4045 or Kik @ TeFlon180
    Sunday, January 18th, 2015
    6:42 pm
    Sorry forgot my number is 5155567056
    6:21 pm
    Hi. I'm a 21 year old guy looking for friends nothing more girl or guy it don't matter I'm not some horny liar saying I just like girls better and everything I just am looking for friends.
    Friday, January 16th, 2015
    5:12 pm
    true friend
    Hey, my names yesi I'm looking for a true friend just recently lost mine:/ someone that will be there for me and won't judge me and in return I will do the same. I just need someone to talk to. Thanks oh and I'm a girl I'm 16. So only 15-17 I prefer girls, but guys are okay only if you aren't going to tell me nasty shit. Thanks.210-343-2671
    11:57 am
    die boredom die! lol
    Hey first of all dont be intimidated by my pic its just my Halloween joker makeup and second of all just know I'm pretty much free to text all day..909-942-9593 but at night I rather you to kik me @ NinjaFreak64..anyways allow me to introduce name is Mitchell and I'm 20..I'm just looking for friends to text with to kill my boredom..some things about me: I'm a gamer, anime fan..I read when I'm not using electronics..sometimes write poetry or text me or kik me when its late
    Thursday, January 15th, 2015
    10:48 pm
    Bored and Searching
    I'm looking for a woman to help break my boredom.
    Also in search for a Sub... If you don't know what that is, then this doesn't apply to you.

    Text - 832-638-7456
    Or if you're shy, Kik - XxCoolJMPxX
    10:05 pm
    Christ of the nations
    I'm looking for some guys to text from Christ of the nations I have a best friend that goes there hmu at 760-647-5122
    1:50 pm
    skyo e

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    2:26 pm
    Forgot to put my age in my first entry im 25 so please nobody under 17 lol
    2:13 pm
    looking for new friends to talk to
    Hey my name is Justin im from South Carolina and im looking for new people to talk to or text hit me up my number is 864-546-2277 girls only!!!!!!!!! and you must live in the United States
    1:22 pm
    looking for friends - girls only
    Hi I'm Patrick, I'm from Conyers, Georgia. I'm just looking for friends. I'm a really sweet and nice and respectful guy. I always there for you and will always care for you. I am taken by the most sweetest and kind girl I ever met. I'm in 11th grade, I'm homeschooled. I have been volunteering at a fire station for a year and a half. I have diagnoses I come with, I have autism (aspergers), I have provisional ADHD, I have deep depression, and I have anxiety. Hmu 678-392-7353

    Back in November a week before thanksgiving I tried to commit suicide and I overdosed and went to a local hospital for 6 hours then I went to a mental hospital for 5 days, and alot has changed for me and I hate it. Hmu at 678-392-7353

    Current Mood: happy,
    12:32 pm
    Hey. I'm Cassie I'm 15. guys and girls ages 15-18. Clean only. kik is imapancakelover
    Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
    5:33 pm
    Any girls wanna talk?
    Im an out going male looking for a female to help me pass some time. I do have pics. If anyone is interested email me please
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