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    Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
    11:52 pm
    Ok and?
    10:15 pm
    Damn still? at first it was funny but now.... blah
    10:54 pm
    Tbh im not even trying to fight with her
    9:40 pm
    It seems as if this fight will never end. Didn't know trolling on the internet was that serious, but hey you learn something everyday. After constantly seeing the same shit about who's fake or who's a man or who's a troll, I kinda miss that guy who constantly posted about " Any girl in the CT area clean text only" and that guy who bragged about him self saying he has a 4.0 in highschool, junior, and he kick boxes lol. Hopefully this stupid stuff won't last much longer because it pretty much seems like everyone but you all are tired of it
    10:19 pm
    Do you have some kind of issue to where you dont understand when someone says there a girl?
    10:09 pm
    she lied
    Ok somehow she did something to make the text switched...smh we sent a pic to her (proof) then shes making lies smh it seems like shes fake i told her to send a pic and shes like no i dont want to this girl is fucked up i feel really sorry for her ppl dont even talk to her shes fucking nuts
    And shes 19? Wow she acts like a 12 year old to me
    9:54 pm
    Anyone care to skype
    He plans on lying to you and saying I'm the fake one. Honestly it's the internet and I really don't care. But if it'll shut him up. I'll Skype with you guys and send non exposing pics (I don't do nudes or anything close so don't ask) if he try's to lie just text 865-314-4938 and I'd love to make him look stupid. I'll even give out my Skype to nice people :Pimage
    9:44 pm
    funny how oy screenshot a lie....
    Bailey never said she was fake so i dont know why you lieing to ppl
    9:33 pm
    Problame solved and we're done wasting space
    Well I got them to admit it. Bye guysimage
    8:52 pm
    It wasn't to "bailey"
    I'll be posting in the comments if I post at all unless it's one post to bust a troll. But I was talking about the other kid that posted being immature trying to kick up. A fight
    8:31 pm
    we will prove to you
    Guys please stop calling Bailey a troll bailey is real the only person that is a troll is me i even said it before! BAILEY UNBLOCK NICOLE HAVE HER TEXT YOU I WILL COME OVER YOUR HOUSE WE WILL SEND A LIVE PIC TO NICOLE TO PROVE YOUR REAL!!! AND I WILL LET HER SEE MY REAL FACE!
    8:16 pm
    still trying to fight?
    Nicole your the one still trying to fight i never was trying to steal 500$ i wasnt even texting that person so what are you talking about?
    8:12 pm
    Well nicole if you would not have been staring fights with people,calling a person fake when there real, and stalking people we would never have this fight now would we? (No) naww what makes you think i wanna text or call you?
    8:12 pm
    Oh look, the pathetic lifeless dipshit is wasting space. Just shut your mouth and stop trying to start a fight, you have no life or friends kid. If you post again that would be admitting you're worthless trash trying to fight over the internet
    I'm done

    8:09 pm
    Theft, I'm done stop trying to drag me back in!!
    Bailey and Bailey tried to steal 500$ as this person saysimage
    7:07 pm
    Nicole, you're the one pointing fingers and saying " I'm a immature kid" XD. I can't take you seriously not at all lol. You're supposedly 19 and fighting with only trolls and you are talking about people being immature? XDXD you're more of a joke than a person. Ever since I posted just now I've been getting people texting me of how stupid you and those 2 trolls sound lol.
    11:54 pm
    stop being immature and go your seperate ways.
    look guys this is getting way out of hand
    bailey and bailey: nobuddy gives a fuck if your a guy or whoever you claim to be. if you post here chances are nobuddy will ever know who you are unless you either skype them or do something to prove its you, but u also dont have to prove it cause theirs alot of creeps out their.
    nicole: look its cool that u tried to bust a troll, but is it really worth the effort to try and make her admit it? if shes a troll then let her troll, people dont care either way.
    7:12 pm
    O,O ummm swag?
    7:57 pm
    Sorry people of lj
    I am sorry as well but that kid didn't have to be so immature. Now "bailey" if you'd like to text me or call me (you'd have to call tmro because it's late) but if you'd like to text and speak like adults (what should have happened in the first place) I'd be more than happy too
    7:55 pm
    stop calling me a him
    Your the one that started the fight duhhhh and agin im not a troll bye
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